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EGT Timeless.

There is nothing more timeless than the salvation message of hope to encourage and propel our world into a new Golden Age. A new renaissance to exemplify GOD's glory in every aspect of culture and life - transforming our world through the expanding reach of digital media. It is our heart to create media that sparks interest in living the life GOD destined by interjecting the message of hope into the secular entertainment industry. Transforming the heart through a medium that can be redeemed and reflect the very essence of GOD's glory.

Join this revolutionary concept of interjecting salvation into secular media by agreeing with us in prayer for the next great revival inspiring worldwide change in every country, city, and heart. Join us on Social Media - click one of the icons below - and prayerfully help us spark this revival. As you continue to uphold this idea in prayer, we will continue to uplift you and give you that hope for your future.

EGT: Bringing Hope for Your Future.