Forged by Fire

Every Good Thing has cost someone, somewhere, something. Today entertainers are paying the price of forging entertainment that captivates audience regardless of ethical consequences.

Today the cost is hope. Hope is the essential essence of life and without we do not posses a reason for living. The entertainment industry does not strive to remove hope, it just happened along the way.

Hollywood, only desires to create content you love based off of what they consider your likes. We only aspire to create content that you will not only love but cultivates a life worth living.

Through hope for your future.


EGT pushes standards, adheres to to a high caliber of excellence, and surpasses all boundaries.
A desire to infuse this world with a brand new breed of ingenuity.

New Media

becomes the catalyst for change.


centers on a new mandate.


excels into new heights.


Each year entertainment executives boast trillions of dollars in sales of entertainment which in turn is spent in production of truly remarkable entertainment.

It is estimated that lovers of entertainment nation wide (United States) spend around $412 dollars on just downloadable music alone.

The 9 million television lovers around the world are dedicated cable subscribers.

Every 4th household has a digital entertainment subscription.

American is hungry for remarkable entertainment, and we intend to feed that growing need by providing a source of creative media charged with timeless hope.

What you watch today, shapes the choices you make tomorrow.

We know that this great vision has the potential to radically redefine what we understand of the future.