Let the future begin.

Over 15 years ago, the vision of EGT was birthed out of a dream of hope. An aspiration to achieve a lasting Golden Age - a Grand New Renassance - pushing the boundaries of entertinament, technology, and what we know of our world. Delivering hope infused entertainment, on any platform.

Hope. Everywhere.

Divinly Inspired

The vision was delivered over 15 years ago to breathe hope into a world that desires something lasting, deeper, and divine.
These are the precepts of our vision.

1) Encourage

Encouraging people to look beyond themselves and achieve the divinity GOD ordained an entire redemption plan through Jesus Christ - of whom every person, gender, race, and walk of life can freely attain. It's typically called: salvation.

2) Equip

Equiping people with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding required to live a life of purpose for the glory of the one who simple loved us first - before creation.

3) Engage

Engaging people to go out and complete that GOD given radical purpose GOD implanted deep into the foundations of their heart's desire. @justinkaz always says: "Your designed from the ground up, genetically, with a divinely infused purpose (destiny) that only you can accomplish."

60 Seconds With Jesus

Divinly inspired video messages to focus our mind on Jesus Christ and his un-ordinary truths recorded by our founder, Justin K Kazmierczak (@justinkaz).


Stand Up and Pray

A revolutionary ministry centric social communication platform for engaging, equipping, and encouraging one another in the faith.

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